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Peddlamaniacs Race Team

When the club started back in 2018 we never imagined that 3 years later we would be nearly half filling the grid at local cyclocross races for female events!!

What an absolute triumph for female cycling and representation, something that we are extremley proud of. Proud too of each and every one of the Orange n Black Peddlamaniacs riders, who represent in the local West Midlands Cyclocross league and other events too.

Most weekends we can usually be heard before we are seen and we take up lots of grid space with the orange and black ladies shirts everywhere.

We have had a phenomenal season for 2021/22and collectively we have managed 12th place in the team league standings for WMCCL and this is purely with our female rider scoring.

We are very proud of our collective teams achievement and many of the riders have also managed to collect some trophies and medals individually as well.  We even have riders competing at National level in cyclocross and also riders representing in time trial hill climbs.

Each and every rider is amazing and supported by the club with training and mechanical support (where we can)

The idea was to encourage more female riders to compete and take part in cyclocross and help build a team of supportive women racers that fight the fight between the tapes when racing each other but also encourage and support one another to be the best they can be.

This year we have some Male riders also joining the team for racing events and we are hoping we can encourage more going forward too.

Please get in touch if you are interested in riding for Peddlamaniacs.