Peddlamaniacs is a non profit, affiliated British Cycling Club for children aged 4-12.  We offer cycle coaching to riders of different abilities across 3 sessions held weekly during term time. Our sessions vary from balance bike riders and learning to pedal, right through to cycling for regular riding and competition.  Our main emphasis is fun on bikes.

Session booking is required, see the contact button for more details of how to sign your child up.


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Newbold Comyn, L/Spa

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The pre peddlas session is a place to learn balance and control to progress towards pedaling.


Movers group sessions are for riders that have grasped the pedals and are working on their bike control

10.00am - 10.45am - 45 Minute session


Riders sessions are for those that are confident on pedals and want to learn new bike technique and skills. A session that offers riders the chance develop their own cycling and have fun

11.00am - 12 - 1hr session