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Alby takes on Aple D Huez

Check out the amazing challenge that Peddlamaniacs rider Alby has set himself.

In April 2022 Alby plans to ride the famous Aple d'Huez to raise funds for the club. (what a star)

Alby is certainly not shy when it comes to a challenge and I have no doubt that if anyone can complete the challenge then its Alby. He is very often found riding his bike as much as he can whenever he can.

Lots of training going on at the moment and he has even managed to rope mum and dad into the challenge too - good lad.

We are all rooting for you Alby - Go Smash it!!!!!

Please read Alby's Go Fund Info and donate link at the bottom:

My name is Alby and I love cycling.

I hope to raise some funds for Peddlamaniacs, a not-for-profit cycle club of which I am a member. The money raised will go towards buying a ramp and other equipment so all the children in my club can practice doing tricks and improve their bike handling skills.

I am going to ride up the famous Tour de France mountain stage called Alpe d'Huez in April this year. It is about 9 miles long and over 5,000ft of climbing. It's going to be the most difficult thing I have ever attempted on my bike but I am training hard for it and am determined to get to the top.

Please consider giving a few pounds to help my cycle club.

thank you


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